NCTE 2015

Minneapolis, Minnesota. NCTE. Lots of learning. Lots of being told by Melissa that I waIMG_3044.jpgsn’t going to be mugged. And a lot of confusion in the skyway. I went to so many amazing conferences, I learned a lot about my fellow future teachers, but most importantly, I learned a lot about being a teacher. I also learned from Florida Lady and Indian Jesus how not to teach English. I got to see Penny Kittle, Kelly Gallagher and Donna Santman. Oh and Steven Layne, so that was pretty cool. I learned how to get students to write persuasively from Linda Rief and I learned how to get kids writing to begin with from Gretchen Bernabei. I also got to listen to Allison Bechdel, which I kind of geeked out about. She’s hilarious.

My absolute favorite session was Steven Layne’s session about reading aloud. Not only did he use humor to make the session super interesting, he literally read aloud to us. He modeled for us exactly what we need to be doing and gave us the list of steps the we need to use when reading aloud to our students. I learned so much from him in a very short time, I can only imagine what his students learn from him everyday.

Favorite Quotes:

“You have to decide you care about how you sound when you open your mouth.”

“Part of being an educator is waking kids up about bad things, books are a good way to do this.”

My next favorite session was about gender inequality that we see start young in students and what we can be doing to help these girls be confident and strong. The way we need to be aware what we are giving our students t rad and what kind of female characters they have in them. We have to avoid reinforcing the negative ideas towards women that children are exposed to through text and media.

Favorite Quotes:

“Males need to be aware of gender inequality as well.”

“We need to have students read books with strong female leads that can also be identified with.”

“We have 2 options: Believe men are far more talented and that they deserve 95% of the top jobs or believe their is a systematic bias in our country.”

“Conversations about female leads in classic novels always have negative connotations.”

“I had always been that kid that roared and now all of a sudden, I didn’t have a voice.”

“Princess and the Pea teaches us – If you bruise easy, you’re worth marrying.”

“We don’t give girls safe places to put themselves together after they’ve been broken.”

“We need to think about the times we are giving praise.”

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

“Why do you write strong female characters? Because I’m still getting asked that question.”

“I’m helplessly outspoken.”

“Girls aren’t allowed to be unkind or cranky.”

“Men should be an ally to women.”

“Why are we still talking about this?”

“Why are there so many male dominated careers?”

“Most women aspire to be hair dressers and teachers. Where are the other career goals?”

“The problem is perception.”

“I wasn’t discourages, but I wasn’t actively encouraged.”

“We don’t accept women anger as a naturally occurring state as we do with male anger.”

“What we allow boys and what we allow girls is different.”

“Boys see girls as side kicks and love interests.”

“We need to teach boys to identify with characters that don’t look like them.”



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