Slice Of Life: Rough Start #SOL

I wake up to my phone ringing with a phone number I don’t recognize on the screen.


“Is this the RA on duty?”

“Mmhhmm.” I murmur groggily.

“You forgot to unlock the doors.”

I roll over to look at my alarm clock, which currently reads 7:45 am. That means I am 45 minutes late unlocking doors. Well that looks great for a newly promoted RA. 

“Thanks.” I say a little irritated and hang up.

I roll out of bed and peek into the mirror. My hair is a little wild and my eyes are puffy. Oh well, no one will be out this early.”SOL

As I walk into the hallway, every freshman headed to their 8:00 am class is in the hallway. There is nothing I can do about my appearance now. 

I unlock the doors and head back into my room with the intention of going back to sleep. I crawl back under my covers, close my eyes, and….I’m wide awake.

I might as well get in the shower and start getting ready. I’ll have plenty of time and I won’t be rushed.

I turn the water on
and open the shower curtain. As I step under the water, my mind registers that it is cold. I reach up and turn the shower head away from me and stand there naked and freezing while I wait for the water to warm up, which takes longer than I appreciate.

The rest of my shower goes without much trouble, until I step out, lose my footing on the recently mopped floor and almost fall to my death. Contain the curse words forming on your tongue. 

I head to my room and prepare my cup of coffee. There is no way I am going to get through the day without this cup of godly nectar. I t
ake a very large drink without anticipating the fact that the coffee is still scalding hot. Okay, oww. That was dumb. Get your shit together, kid.

I begin the makeup process, which is pretty painless until I get to my eye shadow. This one is too dark. I chose another color. That s
moky eye doesn’t look like the other one. 
I scrub it all off and try again. This time without fail. My eyeliner wings perfectly and my mascara slides onto my eyelashes, giving them the full look I had hoped to achieve. My new Clinique lipstick slides over my lips and my face is flawless.

I still have an two hours, I might as well curl my hair today. I start on the bottom layer, which looks a little wonky. Thats okay, you won’t even be able to see it. I finish with the last curl and have a perfect head of curls. and then I get the bright idea to try to pin it up a little bit. I don’t really care for that. It looked better down. I unpin my hair, only to find my once beautiful curls a disheveled mess.

Okay, I’ll just recurl a few pieces. It will be fine. As I start on the first piece, my hot iron slips from my hand and the 400 degree wand lands on my neck. Leaving a rather large blister and an angry red mark. Explicit Explicit Explicit Explicit Explicit.

I lay down on my bed, holding an ice pack to my neck trying to contain the tears. I do not handle burns well. This is unbearable. I stand up, rip the curling iron cord out of the wall, and plug in my flat iron and I attempt to brush through my now messy hair. F**k it. I’ll straighten it. But I come to find that after already being curled, my hair is not going to straighten. I decide to put my hair up. As my hands are tangled through my hair, I smell something getting hot. I look down to see that my favorite lipstick has fallen up against the hot flat iron and is melting the tube. I panic and grab the very hot plastic tube, burning the heck out of my fingers, I open the tube and twist it up, relieved to see that the actual lipstick has managed to be protected from the heat. I put the lid back on, only to realize that I have failed to twist the lipstick back down into the tube and now the perfectly pointed tip is smashed into the top of the lid. Explicit Explicit Explicit Explicit. 

My hair is a hot mess, my favorite lipstick is smashed into its lid, I have a giant, painful burn on the side of my neck, and I am about to lose my ever loving mind.

I need Frank. I turn my pandora station from an angry, heavy metal station to Frank Sinatra in an attempt to soothe my mind.

It would be much safer for me to not leave my room today. I lay down in my bed, reevaluate my life, and decide that its just a bad morning and I control how the rest of the day goes based on my attitude. I get up, look in the mirror, fix my slightly smeared lipstick, and smile.


8 thoughts on “Slice Of Life: Rough Start #SOL

  1. Oh Jayden, this is so great. Literally, this is like the beginning of a movie. We laugh and wonder how in the world the protagonist could have such horrible luck. I’m so sorry that you had such an awful morning. Such an awful, slightly comical morning. I could shed a tear for your lipstick. My OCD would not be very happy either. Hopefully your burn is feeling better!


  2. I laughed out loud at the part where your lipstick tube burned but when you checked on the actual lipstick it was fine. How many times do we feel crushed because we think we have ruined something then feel like the weight of the world has been lifted when it’s actually fine. I feel like I do this every day, actually.


  3. Personally, I would’ve given up after burning myself. I either to “The Devil’s Rumble” from Inglourious Basterds soundtrack or “The Art of Losing” by American Hi-Fi before leaving the dorm for morning class. I then feel invincible up until I leave the dorm front door. Ha.


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