The Struggle is REAL.

I have been racking my brain for the last week trying to decide what mini lesson I will do for my Special Methods class and what mentor text I am going to use in order to help me teach my mini lesson.

We talked a lot last week and about visions and values and what unties we will use to reflect our visions and values. That got me thinking, what is really important in the classroom? Everything. So how do I decide what becomes more important to teach in the limited time given to me?

I have a year and a half to figure all of this out and it terrifies me. Every day I come closer to graduating, I become more and more afraid. What if I fail my students? What if they don’t get the education that they really need because I am teaching the wrong things? What if they think I am an idiot and they are only learning useless things? What if I become like all the teachers the I disliked growing up? Will I even realize it if I become like them?

But then I remember that I have so much passion for changing how the classroom is set up now that I know that I will be a great teacher. I have so many great examples in my courses now that I have a great idea of what good teaching looks like. I have the tools that I need to be the teacher that I want to be someday.

In those moments of self doubt and stress, we have to believe in ourselves as educators because if we don’t believe in ourselves, then we will fail. And not only are we failing ourselves, we are failing our students.


2 thoughts on “The Struggle is REAL.

  1. So many of my own fears are reflected in this post. I don’t know if passion is enough, but I’m counting on it to carry me through moments of doubt. I also happen to think we all need to stay in touch to keep each other accountable. It’s always a great refresher to talk to like-minded people, and I think we can help keep each other on track.


  2. I feel pretty confident about one thing: if you stay active on Twitter and go to NCTE, you will not turn into that teacher you don’t want to be. The key to being the teacher you want to be is to keep learning. It’s that simple! And as long as you keep learning, your teaching will always be dynamic, fresh, and relevant. Now I want to write a blog post about this!!


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