Slice of Life – Sick and missing my mother.

You don’t realize how much you miss home until you get sick. Your throat hurts, your tummy hurts, and you fade in and out of a comatose state of sleep. You wake up hungry and in pain and call for your mom. But she isn’t there and you are alone in your dorm room with no one to make you soup or rub your hair and watch tv with you.

I have spent the whole break primarily alone, calling my mom a few times a day, but today I can’t get ahold of her to save my life. I call her at inconvenient times, she doesn’t answer my texts, and when she finally does call you back, it’s to tell you that she is going to bed. So you’re still sick and alone.  and have no mother to talk to.

My mom has always been my person. When I am mad, sad, irritated, happy, excited, or any other emotion and new adult feels while being on their own, I call her. She knows exactly how I think and understands every decision I make. And she always knows exactly what to say to help me with a situation that I am unsure of. She knows exactly how to tell me that I am making a bad decision without making me feel like an idiot about it. She knows how to comfort me with words when she cannot hug me and tell me everything will be okay. She knows how to be my best friend and my mother at the same time.

Being sick makes you miss your mom, A LOT and it makes you reflect on all of the little, every day things that your mom does that makes her so special and wonderful.


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