My Slice of Life: Retail Problems

This week I have been thinking about my job a lot. I work at a local clothing store and sometimes people do and say things that can have a huge impact on someone and they don’t even know it.

Three times this week people have come in right before we close and have stayed 40 minutes or later. I can forgive someone who doesn’t know what time we close, but when you look at the closing time, come in anyway, and stay for an hour without buying anything,I get mad.

It is so hard being a student and working, that is stressful enough, but have you late night shoppers ever thought about how much homework we might have. You took an hour away from time that I need to do homework and sleep. I would never ask a customer to leave, but as I am trying to find something to do while you look around, I am silently freaking out about the pile of reading material sitting on my desk untouched because I went straight from class to work. I am silently trying to write a paper in my head so that I can quickly type it out and submit it when I get home because I have worked every night this week and haven’t had time to do it between my crammed class schedule.

Now let’s stope and think about associates that might have children. What if her husband works nights and has to leave for work and can’t leave their small child alone. What about the mothers that have to pick their kids up from the babysitter or daycare at a certain time and now they are an hour late and still have to make supper, help the kids with homework, take baths, and get ready for bed.

What about those that are students and mothers and all of these problems get pushed on one person. She is now doing all of those things and it is hard.

I am not trying to make anyone feel bad, but next time you walk into a retail store 5 minutes before clothes, think about how your actions might have a toll on someone else’s night.


One thought on “My Slice of Life: Retail Problems

  1. #restaurantprobs as well. Oh man, how I relate to this post! The simmering panic, followed by simmering rage as people carelessly chat/shop/eat your night away. When I was reading this, I felt the all too familiar emotions coming up again. Definitely a good read for anyone who doesn’t know what it’s like to try to close up. And it made me laugh, so that’s always a plus.


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