My Week in Reflection

After reading all of the assigned readings for this week, I was floored. There are so many teachers out there that want to make a difference with their students. Teachers that want to let them know that they are amazing, even if they don’t have the skills that the state has decided that they need in order to be called a “good student.”

There are teachers that reflect on what they are doing and realize “Wow I am doing everything I thought I wouldn’t.”

There are teachers that want to know everything about their students and all of their stories. There are teachers that want to get their children to write about what they know and think. All of these amazing people that want to inspire their students and let their students inspire them.

But then there are the teachers that really just don’t care. The teachers that stifle creativity. Teachers that don’t pay attention to the beauty behind a child’s writing, only the errors in grammar or punctuation. Teachers that lecture about something so boring and then are surprised when students don’t pay attention or don’t care.

After reading our assigned readings this week, I realized that I want nothing more than to be a teacher like we read about. Teachers that are doing something amazing in their classrooms. My biggest fear is that I am going to end up another robot teacher that says “I am going to change the classroom” and then ends up being like every other terrible teacher that has ever stepped into a classroom and ruined a child’s life.

Molding students creativity and making them confident in their writing is no easy task. I know I am going to make mistakes when I get into the classroom and I know that I am going to hurt feelings a time or two, completely unintentionally, but I want to evolve into the type of teacher that a student looks back on and thinks “They believed in me” or “I learned so much more in that classroom than I did in any other,” or “She inspired me.”

I want to be the best teacher I can be for my students. I want to make a difference in my students lives.


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