What I have learned this week.

Before my Special Methods class started, I wasn’t really sure what we were getting into to. I knew it was going to be a good class because Dr. Ellington teaches it, but I was still a little unsure what we would be doing exactly. I’m always excited to learn how to teach in effectively.

I learned this week that there are so many people out there that are so passionate about helping others learn how to love writing and how to become better writers. And I want to be that person in my classroom. I want my students to look back on classes that they had with me and think about how much they learned and how much I encouraged them to write, especially the students that were hesitant to begin writing.

I want to change things in the classroom when I become a teacher. I know it is difficult to go against the norm when you actually get into the classroom, but I will feel as if all of my classes were for nothing if I don’t make a change, especially if I don’t change the things that I complained about.

I want to learn how to be the best writing teacher that I can be. I love that in class we do a mock classroom of sorts. I love that our teachers set such a great example for us in the classroom and show us what we should be doing when we have classrooms of our own.

I am extremely excited for this class and all the things that I can learn from it.


One thought on “What I have learned this week.

  1. I think you’ve figured out one very important thing about being that teacher who changes: you’ve got to be connected with other teachers who can support and inspire you. And that’s probably not going to be face to face but virtually online. And then try to get to NCTE every year so that you can meet some of your online friends in person and keep learning.


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