This Is Believe: Reading and Writing

As I walked into Dr. Miller’s Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing class, I was worried that this would be one of those classes where we would learn how to properly construct an essay or a research paper. I was not excited. I was really dreading it, As we started working on our first portfolio, I learned so much about myself as a writer.

I believe there is so much more to reading and writing than what we learn in high school. I believe that you should read books that actually mean something to you and interest you, not books that the state thinks are important for you to be a well rounded reader. I believe that you should write about things that are important to you, not about classic novels with the same prompt as the other students. I believe that it is hard to connect with your writing when you don’t have any emotional connection to it.

I believe that to teach students how to read, you need to model reading habits. Have time set aside during class where you read with the students, show them that you are doing the same thing. I believe the same thing about teaching writing. Dr. Elisabeth Ellington and Dr. Lee Miller are great examples of this. They share with their students what they have written in order to show us that they are still learning things themselves.

I believe that sometimes I am hesitant to read things that are assigned to me in class because I am extremely biased towards assigned readings due to the fact that I did not decide to read them, I was told to read them. Sometimes I like the readings, but a lot of the time I don’t. I do love to write though, even if it is assigned for a grade. I love getting feedback on my writing because its nice knowing that you are doing a good job. I’m not going to lie, I really like when people tell me they enjoyed reading something that I wrote.

I have noticed that I have become increasingly better at encouraging people to write, even when they are hesitant, I take the examples that have been demonstrated to me in my classes and they are extremely effective.

I believe that some schools try to smother creativity when it comes to reading and writing. We tell students what to read and then make them write about, and let’s be honest, no one enjoys that. Not even the teachers. I believe that when I am a teacher, I will nurture my student’s creativity and get them excited to read and write, just like my teachers have done for me. I believe that I have infinite things to learn when it comes to reading and writing and I will continue learning for the rest of my life, especially as I am teaching others how to write.


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