It’s Monday What Are You Reading?! 4-27-15

LarryMcMurtry_ComancheMoonThis week I read Comanche Moon by Larry McCurty. It is part of the Lonesome Dove story. Lonesome Dove is my favorite movie and I really liked the Comanche Moon TV series so I thought I would give this incredibly long book a whirl.

This is the story of Woodrow Call and August McCrae. These men join the Texas Rangers that are in pursuit of the Native American Buffalo Hump and Kicking Wolf, infamous Comanche men. The story goes over the time and people that were involved in these mens lives between Dead Man’s Walk and Lonesome Dove. It tells the stories of how these men come together, fight a war against the Comanches, and their love lives.

This book is a little more graphic than I thought it would be, but it is about rough and tough law men in the West, so that should have been expected. I really enjoyed the book, other than its length! It was reaalllyyyyy long! I really enjoy Western books, but this is one of the best ones that I have ever read. I really liked it and would love to recommend it to anyone who had a lot of time to sit down and read a book. There are a lot of twists and turns in the book that you would not expect and you find yourself rooting for characters one minute and wanting to shake them the next. The characters are all really lovable people that make both poor and good decisions. I really liked everything about this book, even its unexpected ending.


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