How to get students SUPER EXCITED about reading!

I remember when I was in Mrs. Bonderson’s 6th grade glass in Emerson-Hubbard Elementary School and the most exciting part of the year was when Christopher Bing came and visited our school, for those of you who do not know who this man is, he is an illustrator of many children’s books, including The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. After her came and talked to us, which was super cool because he was a FAMOUS person, everyone in the school was DYING to buy and read the book.

As I reflected on this memory, I thouht, “Hmmm, what better way to get kids excited about reading than to bring the author in to talk to students! When Mr. Bing came and visited us we went nuts over the book.” So i decided to do a little research and come up with a list of authors that will do school visits, How cool would students think it is if they can talk to the men and women behind the book covers! I think this is a great way for teachers to get students super excited about reading!

Anyway, here are a few websites that have lists of authors that will visit schools!

there are also authors that will do Skype chats with students!! How sweet is that?!

Students would absolutely love talking to their favorite authors and this would get hesitant readers excited about reading as well!!! Hope you all utilize this someday in your classrooms! It is so wonderful of these men and women to be so proactive with their young fans!!


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