Final Blog Post!!

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For my end of the year reflection blog, the wonderful Elisabeth Ellington has given us a list of questions to write about for our last blog, so here is a look inside the end of the year blog mind of myself!

  • How many books did you read this semester for this class?

Well, as you can see, I have read about 17 books this semester for this class, all of which I have enjoyed! this does not include the required reading that we had for the class, just my independent reading!

  • What was your favorite book from the required reading list for the course?

My favorite book from the required reading Yaui Delgado Wants To Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina!

  • What was your favorite book from your independent reading for the course?

My favorite book from my independent reading for this course was The Barely Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan!

  • Suggest one book that you think should be added to the required reading list for the course.

I think that Laurie Halse Anderson’s Wintergirls should be added to the required readings for this class. The struggle of eating disorders and self harm is a very important topic that should be covered in YA Lit!

  • What is your favorite blog post that you wrote this semester?

My first blog post for this class was probably my favorite! It definitely showed my personality to a T! I rambled, I was awkward, I was funny (in my opinion anyway), and it definitely showed my love for reading!

  • Which classmate’s blog did you most enjoy reading?

This is a tough one! I really enjoyed Rian’s blogs! I think that she did a great job writing with voice and she was a very interesting blogger!!

  • What are you going to read next?

Next, I am going to read the rest of the Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater!

  • Create your own question that you wish I’d asked about your learning and reading.

What was the best part about using Twitter for this course?

Twitter was really helpful helping us all communicate even though this was an online class! I also liked the networking aspect of twitter! Because of my #yalitclass, I had sooo many YA Lit authors follow me on Twitter, and how cool is that?!


One thought on “Final Blog Post!!

  1. Super cool that you’re getting follows by a bunch of YA authors! That’s a great way to discover new books to read. Plus, I can imagine that those authors would be available to interact on Twitter with your students too. I agree that Wintergirls is a powerful read. Have you read Anderson’s newest, The Impossible Knife of Memory? It’s about a girl whose dad is a war vet and comes home with PTSD and an alcohol problem. Also very powerful–and personal to Anderson, since her own dad had PTSD.


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