It’s Monday! What are you reading 4-6-15

Along_Came_A_Spider_1993_coverSo after realizing today that my post did not post on Monday, like it was supposed to, I was a little frustrated with technology. But oh well, life goes on!!

For this week I read Along Came A Spider by James Patterson, another mystery novel in the series about Detective Alex Cross!

Detective Cross is investigating the murders of two prostitutes when he gets pulled from the case to investigate the kidnapping of two school children by one of their teachers. Cross is slightly irritated by this because the murders that he was previously investigating were black and he feels that everyone cares more about to rich white kids than the black victims.

The book takes you through a series of twists and turns that you do no expect. I believe this is the first book of the series about Alex Cross and I can definitely see why there were so many books in the series. It really draws people in.

What I really liked about this book is that it definitely draws attention to how people of the African American community may feel like the crimes in their neighborhoods are pushed aside for other crimes that people may think are more important. It really discusses social issues.

I am really enjoying James Patterson. His books are wonderfully written and suspenseful. I had a hard time putting them down and the movies are equally enjoyable/


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