It Is Monday!!! What are you reading?! 3/30/15


So this week, I decided to change it up and read a crime novel! I loved the movie so I thought I would give the book a try!

Detective Alex Cross is working on a case that involves the kidnapping of his niece Naomi. A man that goes by Casanova is kidnapping good looking, intelligent, and successful women and a man that goes by The Gentleman Caller is killing women. When one of the kidnapped woman, Kate, escapes she and Alex become great friends.

With Kate’s information, Cross begins to piece the two criminals together and find leads. Cross believes that since Casanova keeps on committing almost perfect crimes that he may be a police officer. Cross and Kate come up with a plan to trap Casanova.

I don’t want to give too much away because it is a crime novel and all the fun of reading a crime novel is that you don’t know! I think that the audience of this book definitely needs to be mature enough to handle some of the graphic aspects of the novel. Some things are very detailed. I think I definitely like this genre of book and I will be reading a lot more James Patterson.


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