It’s Monday, what are you reading? 3/2/15

Shattered by Elizabeth Lee is a wonderful book. Alyssa has to best friends from the time she is in junior high. One of the boys, Garrett, is like her brother and the other boy, Jesse, is like her boyfriend without the title. This takes place in a small midwest town, which made is supeshatteredr relatable to me. One night Alyssa and the boys are getting ready to go out and Garrett gets killed in a car accident and shortly after Jesse leaves without a word. This causes Alyssa to become reckless and depressed. Her terrible relationship with her mother doesn’t help either. Jesse comes back almost a year later to fix things with Alyssa, but she has become a different person and won’t let Jesse in. He witnesses Alyssa try and take away her pain with other men and alcohol and there are a few times when he has to step in and save her from her recklessness to try and win her back.

This is an amazing book, although some of it is a little far fetched, but I still really liked it. A lot of the content of the book is so realistic to what happens in a small town that it is super relatable to us Nebraska girls! I think you guys should definitely give it a read! My mom even liked this book!!


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