it’s monday!! what are you reading?! 2/16/15

I have finally fi13638570nished! Emma is now a sophomore at Stanford playing soccer. Her grades are good, but she is really suffering without Evan and turns to alcohol to solve her problems. She starts seeing a new boy when she gets news that her mother has killed herself. When Emma is back in Weslyn for the funeral, she spends the whole time drunk, and that is when Evan decides it is time to get back into Emma’s life. He conveniently has a trip planned to be in California at the same time that Emma is going back.

While in California, Evan tries to get the answers that he needs from Emma about why she left him and Emma tries to get rid of her demons. They find that they need each other and end up falling back in love with one another.

I loved the ending of this series. I am glad that Evan and Emma ended up together, but that they had to refall in love since they were both so different from high school. Emma also gets to reconnect with her cousins. This was a fantastic series and i am so glad that I stumbled upon in. I will probably reread this series about a million times! Highly recommended!!


12 thoughts on “it’s monday!! what are you reading?! 2/16/15

  1. Wow! This book sounds like a roller coaster ride! Sometimes when the main character messes up their life so badly (like Emma with alcohol) I sometimes have to stop reading for a while because it bothers me so much.


  2. The whole “falling in love, then out of love, and then back in love again” reminds me of the tv show “Drop Dead Diva”. Both of them had to go through the same experience to love each other again. I enjoy stories like that.


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