Self Censorship!

My reading comfort zones are definitely like the ones that I have blogged about this semester! I love books that have a lot of drama! Tons of it! I don’t know why I am drawn to that, probably lack of interesting things in my life. I have a really hard time reading Sci-Fi books, I just can’t do it. At all. It doesn’t happen. I just don’t like the unrealistic aspects…it freaks me out. I do think that I need to work on reading outside of my comfort zone so that I can be able to reach my students that might be interested in it someday. I do think that teachers and librarians need to be aware of self-censorship and not be apart of it. If we censor what we think other people should be reading then we are part of the problem of kids not wanting to read. If we force what we think is interesting on them instead of what they want to read, then they will rebel against reading. We need to be able to reach all of our students and let them make their own decisions on what they want to read!!

Rant over 🙂


One thought on “Self Censorship!

  1. Great points, Jayden. I try to read some outside my comfort zone for just the reasons you mention. I have to be able to find books to meet the needs of all my students, and they’re not all like me! What’s interesting is that often reading outside my comfort zone helps me discover things that I do like–different genres or topics.


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