Friday Finds! 2/6/15


The book that I am probably the most excited to read for this class is winter girls byLaurie Halse Anderson. This book tells the story of a girl that struggles with an eating disorder and cutting. She hates her body and her life. Her best friend, who also struggles with an eating disorder, dies after a pinging and purging too much and things are really starting to spiral out of control for Lia. She had been sent to a clinic twice because of her problems and now she is trying to find ways to still lose weight without drawing attention to it so her family doesn’t notice. She is the type of girl that has to be in control of everything in her life due to her uncontrollable emotions. I feel like this is going to be a hard book to get through, but I think it is important that it be read so people know the struggles that young girls go through with their body image and how much that can truly change their life. These things are important in young adult literature and it is important that everyone be aware of what can happen to girls and boys when it comes to body image.


8 thoughts on “Friday Finds! 2/6/15

  1. I agree, body image issues are an important topic for teenagers. Just even thinking back to when I was a teenagers, was still an issue then and probably even a larger issue now. Seems like girls want to grow up so fast, they want to snap their fingers and look like an adult women. It’s frustrating to them when they don’t. Good Friday Find!


  2. The books sounds really interesting. It is something for sure that most teen girls can relate to because girls want to look like models and some will do about anything to look that way.


  3. The books sounds like it might be difficult to read because of subject matter. I think I may have to read this book myself it sounds like one that all teachers should read to maybe gain insight to help students who may struggle with this disorder.


  4. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that! Does she have to look in a mirror for therapy and tell herself what she likes about herself a lot? If it was, then I can remember being really disturbed by it. I read it in middle school and even though I, like all girls, had body issues, I couldn’t imagine hurting myself so much like Lia. I hope others read it and feel the same way 🙂


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