It’s Monday! What are you reading? 2/2/15


Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan is the second book of her series about young Emma and her struggles. In the end of the last book, Emma’s aunt Carol almost kills her. Carol is sent to prison, her husband and their children move away, and Emma gets sent to live with her best friend Sara. Emma’s mother wants to try to have a relationship with Emma now that she is sober so Emma makes the brave decision of moving in with her mother.

Emma’s mother just cannot kick her alcohol and drug problems and that causes a lot of disastrous situations to ensue. When Rachel’s boyfriend starts coming around, he and Emma make a close connection that causes trouble with both Evan and her mother Rachel. After Rachel gets in a lot of trouble with her drug dealer, he decides to take it out on Emma and Evan and Jonathan finally let the tension get the best of both of them and they have a fight. Emma realizes that she is only going to hurt the people in her life so she tells Jonathan that she never wants to see him again. She leaves for college in California and forces Evan to stay on the East Coast.

So this was just a brief summary of the book, but soooo much happens in between that was so dramatic that I couldn’t wait to finish this book and now I can’t wait until the third one comes in the mail (the series is no longer on Nook). Like I have said before, these books are addicting and you find yourself cheering for Emma thinking that everything will work out for her, only to be disappointed by how things always work out for the poor girl! I absolutely love these books and I can’t wait to finish the series to see how everything works out for Emma and Evan in the next book.


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