Friday Finds 1/30/15

My Fjust ellariday Find for this week is Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix! It is a new spin on Cinderella’s story, but it is not so glorious. Actually, it is not glorious at all! It follows the real Cinderella story…to a point. Ella gets to go to the ball and she sweeps Prince Charming off of his feet, but she soon learns that life as royalty is not a great as she thought it would be. She goes through lesson after lesson of etiquette and learning all of the things she is not supposed to do anymore and Prince Charming isn’t all that he is cracked up to be. It is supposed to be a more realistic version of Cinderella and I think I am really going to enjoy this book! Especially because it is a spin on a fairytale, which I love! I think it definitely gives young girls a more realistic perception of what things really are and how things do not always end up happily ever after. I cannot wait to dive into this book after I finish the series that I am reading now! Definitely on my to be read list! I recommend that the rest of you check this book out! I think it will be super interesting to see how Haddix changes up the fairy tale scene!


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds 1/30/15

  1. Cinderella is my favorite of all the Disney princess. I understand that this will not be the same but sometimes I think giving the reality of what may really happen may help young adults that relationships can be difficult and take a lot of work. adding to my want to read list.


  2. I loved that book growing up!!!! It so changed my thoughts on Cinderella story for the rest of my life. By the time you get half way through the book you would think that it was better for her to have stayed her stepmothers servant!!! love that book you totally should read it!!!


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