It’s Monday! What are you reading?! 1/26/15

So for this week, I read Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan! I am so in love with this book that I stayed up almost all night reading it because I could not put it down! It is like a drug. and it is addicting. Anyway, this book is about a girl that lives with her aunt and uncle and her aunt is extremely abusive.

11561469She hates her because she feels as if her life was disrupted by Emma coming to live with them. To keep herself out of the house Emma takes part in three varsity sports and every club at her school. She is throwing herself into her studies so that she can go to a good school and escape her evil aunt. She closes herself off to everyone except her friend Sara and then a new boy comes to school and turns her world upside down. He pursues her and she cannot help but fall for him, but that is dangerous to her. If she is caught breaking rules, her aunt could really hurt her and she doesn’t want anyone finding out what is happening so that her cousins don’t get their mommy taken away. She finds ways to get around her strict aunt’s rules so that she can date Evan, but things take a bad turn.

This book is amazing, I cannot say that enough. AND THERE IS A SERIES!!! AHHH! I really would recommend this to everyone! Literally everyone should read this book. There are some parts that are a little bit, explicit, I suppose you could say! You find yourself getting extremely emotionally involved with this book. You will fall in love with the characters and want to protect Emma from the evil she lives with. It may also make you cry. But it is worth the read!


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