Friday Find! 1/23/15

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I was scrolling through the teen section on Barnes and Noble recommendations on my Nook and I cam across a book called Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan. The synopsis of the book really grabbed me, although it sounded pretty similar to a lot of other teen books. The summary of a book basically said that this was a book about a girl, Emma Thomas, doesn’t really talk to a lot of people and in order to keep people from finding out how perfect her life is. I decided that I would give it a try. I am addicted to this book and I was more pleased to find that there is indeed a series of them! I highly recommend these books to teen readers and really any young adult! I may have found a new favorite series! If any of you have a nook or a tablet of some kind, you should really go through the recommendations that they offer you, some of the books that might not be that popular may actually be a great read!


5 thoughts on “Friday Find! 1/23/15

  1. I have heard of these before! I heard that they are tremendous! If you start to read them and blog about them, I will look forward to what you have to say!


  2. I was unaware of this series but took your advice and downloaded them to my kindle and one of my students who does not read, because of her disability, listens to them and usually has a difficult time stopping when time is called. Thank You so much I felt like I would never find anything this child would read.


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