It’s Monday! What are you reading? 1/19/2015

As week one comes to a close, I shoved my nose into Alex Flins’s Beastly over the weekend. Completely overwhelmed with my reading choice for my young adult literature class, I asked my sister what she was reading for AR right now. She said that she had recently enjoyed Beastly and that I should check it it!
BeastlyBeastly takes a modern spin on Beauty and The Beast. A vain boy in high school, Kyle, that thinks he can get everything in life based of his looks, stands a girl up for a dance, which turns out to be a really big mistake due to the fact that she is a witch! This young lady turns him into an ugly monster and tells him that he must find someone to love him for his personality or stay that way forever. The witch gives Kyle a magic mirror that he can look into and see anyone that he wants.  Kyle’s father moves him into a house all by himself and hires a blind tutor to keep Kyle up on his studies. Kyle ends up making a deal with a criminal that he won’t report him to the police if he gives him his daughter, Linda. Kyle thinks that this is his last chance to break the spell. Linda hates Kyle at first, but of course, they slowly warm up to each other.

Linda’s father becomes ill and Kyle releases her and tells her that she is welcome to come back if she wants to. On the last day of Kyle’s time allotment to break the spell, he looks for Linda in the mirror and sees her being dragged into a building by a man. Kyle goes to save her and ends up being shot. Linda kisses him and breaks the spell. They go back to the house together and everything works out well in the end for everyone.

I read the book very quickly because I did like it quite a bit. I like books that put a modern spin on fairy tales. I think that boys AND girls in high school would enjoy the book. It is an easy read and not too terribly long!


11 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? 1/19/2015

  1. I like that you said you enjoyed reading the book! I am curious as to if you have seen the movie and like the book or movie better? Please let me know. I loved watching the movie. I have been wondering if the book was better though. I too love the modern spins on fairy tales. I think that it makes it more realistic for teens and young adults. I am wondering if this book would actually be appropriate for teens to read in school? Some people may not be alright with their child reading this book.


    1. I have seen the movie and I definitely like the book better. I usually do though! The way that I see literature for teen regarding their parents is that kids in high school should be allowed to read what ever they want to read. I didn’t find anything in this particular book that is all that bad, especially no worse than what people see on network television.


  2. Just curious, what was the name of the novel’s version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast? I remember as a little kid watching the movie and he was very interesting to me, since he’s the guy you love to hate. I would be interested to find out how he is portrayed in a present day setting.


  3. I watched the movie of Beastly first before reading the book, especially since I had no idea that it even was a book and Vanessa Hudgens is a goddess. I feel like, if some things were tweaked, they could be two different stories, especially with how much they changed in the movie compared to the book.


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