What is Digital Literacy?

Well as the semester is coming to an end, much more quickly than I thought it would, I have been thinking about everything that we learned this year! There are so many things that I could talk about that pertains to being a literate citizen in the digital world, but I think the most important thing that I took away from this class is what we need to be teaching our future students!

Being a responsible digital citizen and leaving a good digital footprint is so, so important. Like I have said numerous times, if we teach children that technology is evil, they will use it for evil. We need to help our future students embrace technology as a helpful, educational tool. We need to start in upper elementary school before they start falling into the popular trend of using social media for likes and for bullying. In junior high and high school we can help them begin making their professional image on their social media accounts! They can make all sorts of connections on Twitter and Facebook, especially with the amount of colleges that have their own sites and professors that have accounts as well. We need to help them get connected virtually!

BLOGGING, people! We need to get our kids blogging! I absolutely loved the elementary school kids blogs! It is a good way to get them to write and if we give them options then they will be more willing to learn and want to write about what they are learning because they have the option to chose, and that is a pretty big deal for angsty teens!

Teachers and future teachers reading this, we need to consider what it going on in schools and what needs changed and I think this is definitely a step in the right direction! Let u strive to get out students excited to use technology in a useful, educational, and professional way!


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