Spice up your life!

I was leisurely scrolling through Facebook the other day when I came across a status that really made me think about teachers and what we are or will be doing wrong. One of my friends shared his thoughts about teachers and I have to say that he has an important point.

“Word to the wise: If you’re planning on being a teacher in the future, have some damn enthusiasm. I’m tired of boring teachers who don’t (or didn’t) engage me in my learning or put me to sleep in class and what’s even worse is that I see kids my age who are following the same patterns. Y’all need ti buck up and put some energy into what you do for a living! Make it fun for the kids! “Cause Lord knows school is just as blast as it is.”

YES! YES! YES! I wish I could like this a million times. How many times have each of us complained about a boring teacher, but what are we planning on doing different when we are teachers? We need to start planning NOW on how we will be teaching in a few years. When we are out in schools doing our student teaching and as we are sitting in classes now, we need to be evaluating what our mentors are doing and find out what we need to do different. We have the power to change how things are when we have classrooms so why isn’t anyone doing it? It is our job to mold the minds of the young and if we are not enthusiastic about what we are teaching, then why would students be enthusiastic about learning? We need to be thinking about our students and how we can make them excited to learn. What we are teaching should be relevant and meaningful to them. So future teachers, let us make positive steps toward being excited about our career and making students excited to learn. They want to learn, so let’s give them a great experience doing so.


One thought on “Spice up your life!

  1. I completely agree with this!! I was actually drawn to education so that I could change the way students see teachers. I hated the teachers that had no enthusiasm or passion, they were so hard to learn from. I think it is never too early to start thinking about teaching methods so that we are never lumped in with those teachers.

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