November Daily Create

After 30 days of trying to create something for the month of November, I learned that I am definitely not an artist. Daily creates usually involved a lot of crumpled up papers and used up erasers. Even drawing a tree was too hard for me. So drawing isn’t my thing, but the most important thing that I learned was how therapeutic writing can be. I have always been a writer, but i do not always make time fQuote-Find-your-Passionor it. When I wasn’t drawing for my daily create, I was spending at least thirty minutes writing. It always ended up being a lot longer than thirty minutes and I was a lot less stressed when I was done.

I used to love writing and I made time for it everyday, but somewhere down the line I stopped doing that. I realized while doing my November challenge that I need to make time for the things that I love. I cannot let go of things that are important to me. It is important to hang on to your passions and let them grow and expand. My writing has changed drastically since the beginning of November. I used to write only when I was sad or upset about something, but now I am writing about everything. I learned a lot about myself through this challenge and I am really glad I did it.


2 thoughts on “November Daily Create

  1. It is quite a trade-off when you’re writing every day versus when you are writing when you are inspired. The quantity is great, and the topics are varied, but the quality almost always takes a huge dive.


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