Yik Yak

The newest technology to sweep college campuses is a an app called Yik Yak! It is completely anonymous, which makes it DANGEROUS. Yik Yak goes off of the location of your phone and you see the Yaks from people within a 1.5 mile radius of you. You post your thoughts and then people can comment, like, or dislike what you have said. The creators of Yik Yak know that the anonymous aspect of this app means that you have to be of a certain maturity level to be able to handle this so the target users are of college age.

There has already been some problems with school bullying in middle and high schools so the creators have blocked about 85% of the nation’s high schools from being able to use Yik Yak when close to the school. Even going through the Yaks from our college, it is clear that people are not mature enough to handle this kind of app. The golden question to me is, why can kids not handle this?

Kids cannot handle this because they have only been taught in school that technology and social media is only used for bad and it is taken away from them. We do not teach them about making a positive digital footprint and using technology in positive ways. We pound into their heads that technology is bad and then that is how they are going to use it. It absolutely amazes me what people are saying on this app. They are using it to tear others down and say bad things about people. A lot of the bad comments about people get the most likes and the good comments get the most dislikes. If a post gets so many dislikes then it disappears and then the page is full of negativity. We have always been lead to believe that social media is for negativity and that is all we are getting out of it. This is a good example of why we need to be teaching students in middle school and high school how to appropriately use social media and technology. Future teachers and current teachers really need to take this into consideration. It is time for a change regarding our schools and the use of technology.


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