The struggle of being creative.

For my Digital Literacy class we were prompted to do daily challenges. I could not really decide what to pick so I have been trying to challenge myself to do different things every day so that I do not get to comfortable doing one things, because then it really is not a challenge. I decided to go easy on myself the first couple of days and try to write for thirty minutes. I must admit that it is really hard to pressure yourself to come up with something half way decent when you are under a time constraint, but I was relatively happy with the first days writing.

As some of you may know, my Grandpa passed away recently, so I wanted to dedicate my first piece of writing to him. It is really difficult for me to share my work because I am kind of shy when it comes to my poetry, but for the sake of this challenge I will share it with my readers.

“You lived a good life each and every day

Proving your worth the cowboy way.

Loving God and teaching us to do right

and now you’re riding into the light.

All the ones that passed before

Will be waiting at Heaven’s door.

Waiting to saddle up and ride side by side.

Good ride Cowboy, good ride.”

I know it may not be the best piece of work in the world, but it came from the heart, and that is what mattered to me.

For the second day I wrote for another thirty minutes, but I tried doing a story that time. I guess it kind of went okay, but it is nothing worth publishing and I feel like it would be punishing someone if I asked them to read it, so that is going to stay private!

The third, fourth, and fifth day I tried drawing. And that was kind of a disaster. Two of the days I tried to do the make a doodle that interacts with its surroundings, but being a very unskilled artist, I almost couldn’t even tell what my doodles were supposed to be. Due to our consistent wasp problem, I tried to draw a person swatting a wasp, but that was pretty unsuccessful. Another drawing that I tried to do draw a cup of steaming coffee sitting on a table. Key word here is try. Drawing cups is really, really difficult.

For the next drawing, I did (or at least attempted) to make a winter scene, but it kind of ended up looking like something my 6 year old sister would bring home from her Kindergarden class.

These daily challenges are indeed challenging for some of the less creative people in the world, but hopefully as the month of November continues, I will develop some artistic ability!


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