I’m feeling like….

Our assignment is my Digital Literacy class was to find a Daily Create challenge outside of out comfort zone and doing it. Any one that is in my British Literature class knows that I am no artist so I decided to do a drawing one. One of the challenges was to draw how you were feeling. At first, I didn’t really know how I was feeling. It has been a very long week already, considering it is IMG_1669only Tuesday. After a long a stressful weekend, that already had me feeling pretty down in the dumps about myself, I found out yesterday that I lost one of the most important men in my life. My grandfather, the best man I have ever known, passed away Monday October 20. So considering what has all been going on this weekend and I didn’t know how I was feeling, I let my hand do my thinking for me. I came up with three different ways to express how I am feeling. The first drawing was a shoe without a partner. What are you gonna do with only one shoe? Not a whole lot, so they are basically worthless. The next picture is a rubber band being stretched too far. I feel emotionally drained and tired. The third picture is a half of a hear. I am really feeling right now that a piece of me is just gone and there is nothing I can do about it.

After examining my pictures I thought, “Well, this is pretty gloomy.” So I started really analyzing the picture. Is one shoe really worthless? So I did a little research and simply Googled “one shoe” and the pictures that popped up were not ones of worthlessness like I was feeling, but someone had used a shoe to put flowers in it and that is pretty beautiful. Nothing is ever worthless, we can always use it in some way.

A rubber band that is stretched too far might be about to break, but the rubber band takes a lot of stress before it does snap and sometimes it doesn’t even snap. It holds on as tight as it needs to in order to get its job done.

I haven’t really thought of how to enlighten my broken heart situation, but that will come in time.


One thought on “I’m feeling like….

  1. I honestly teared up while reading your post. I lost my grandma pretty recently, and it’s a hard hit to take. Your pictures to me were really meaningful and deep, especially the rubber band image. To me, that says you are flexible and durable. In my experience I have found it nearly impossible to snap a rubber band.


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