Attention Log

For my Digital Literacy class I have done an attention log to see how I spend my time online. This made me realize how distracting social media when you are online!

Date: Friday, October 10

Location/position/device: I was lying on my parent’s couch with my laptop resting on my stomach.

Time: 45

I got online to do my assignment for my Special Education class. I was supposed to watch three videos on YouTube and write a summary over what I learned. I could not find all the videos because I only got a link to one of them so I got frustrated and went to Facebook for about ten minutes, but that was boring so I went back to the assignment. I was a little frustrated, but I wanted to get the assignment done. The more frustrated I got the straighter that I sat up on the couch. I wanted to go back to Facebook because I had it open in another tab on the screen so I closed it so that I could focus. I then noticed that I was opening Facebook or SnapChat on my phone so I turned it on silent and put it in my room. I found myself getting distracted by my mother and my sister’s conversation so I stopped answering their questions and tuned them out to complete my assignment. After I finished I got back onto Facebook to look at the newest statuses, but they were all pretty boring.

Date: Saturday October 11

Location/position/device: Buffalo Alice’s Bar/sitting at the bar/iPhone

Time: 20 minutes

I was bored at work so I got onto Facebook on my iPhone. I was on Facebook for about twenty minutes. I scrolled through the newsfeed and only read about half of the posts and a few articles that looked interesting. I felt bored and kind of annoyed with some of the posts. Articles about things like Ebola and ISIS caught my attention more than anything else. I quickly got bored and closed out of Facebook. I got back onto Facebook about ten minutes later because I was still bored and it was still just as boring.

Date: Sunday October 12Not_facebook_not_like_thumbs_down

Location/Position/device: Lounging on my parent’s couch with my laptop on my lap.

Time: 1.5 hours

I was shopping online with my mom for a pair of cowboy boots for my little sister. We started on Boot barn and then went back and forth between a bunch of other websites to compare prices of the boots that we liked. We started off with the intention of looking at boots for my sister, but after about a half hour we were looking at things for ourselves. Boots, clothes, jewelry, you name it. After about an hour and a half we got bored and ending up not buying anything.

Date: Monday October 13

Location/position/device: Sitting in the car at a football game on my phone.

Time: 30 minutes

I was at my brother’s football game and he got a concussion in the 2nd play of the game and was taken out of the game. Therefore, I did not have anyone else to watch so I got on Facebook to dull my boredom (until we decided to take him to the hospital.) I read the funny statues to my mom and read her an article about Ebola that popped up on my newsfeed (we had previously had a lengthy discussion on the topic). I read a few rant statues and was annoyed at the negativity so I closed the app.

Date: Monday October 13

Location/position/device: Sitting in the hospital room with my iPhone

Time: 40 minutes

I was bored at the hospital so I got onto Twitter to see if it was more exciting than Facebook. I scrolled through for about 40 minutes reading all the things I found funny or interesting aloud to my mom and brother. It kept me pretty entertained for a while, but like any other social network, I got bored again.

Date: Wednesday October 15

Location/position/device: Various.

Time: 2 hours

I wanted to get online before my Special Education class to make sure that we did in fact have class because my professor likes to randomly cancel class on us. The Internet on campus was not working. (I went to class and it was cancelled.) I went back to my room to see if we had any assignments since there was no class, the Internet was still not working. I then decided to go to some friends’ apartment to use their Internet there. Checked my e-mail, I did not have an assignment so then I decided to finish my blogs and finish my attention log.

After analyzing how I spent my time online I have realized a few things:

  • I get easily distracted by Facebook if I can see that it is open in a tab, especially if I can see that I have a notification.
  • My cell phone is a huge distraction when I am trying to actually focus on something, especially since it has social media apps on it.
  • I get on Facebook and Twitter when I am bored various times throughout the day or when I cannot sleep. I need to start keeping track of how much I am using the Internet on my phone and make it less of a distraction.

2 thoughts on “Attention Log

  1. I get very distracted too. I tend to check Facebook or Twitter or email as a transition between other activities–between the things I actually NEED to do (write and read blogs, comment, grade, lesson plan, research, write, etc.). If it’s just for a minute or two, okay, but it’s easy to get sucked in and suddenly you’ve spent 30 minutes reading updates on FB about people you don’t even care about!


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