What in the world is digital literacy?!

Oh, where do I even begin? In my mind, digital literacy is knowing how to use technology in ways that will be beneficial in many different ways. Whether it’s using Facebook to connect with friends, using Twitter to talk about things you learn in British Literature, or starting a blog to talk about digital literacy, there are many things that you can use technology for. 

One important aspect of being literate in a digital age is knowing what is and is not appropriate to put on the web! For example, it might be kind of hard someday if you are posting things on Facebook or Twitter that future employers might see. For example, if I were considering hiring someone for a job and I looked on their Facebook wall and noticed that they were bashing their old employer, coworkers, ect. I don’t think that I would consider them for the job at that point. You want someone who is going to be a good part of your team at work, not a Negative Nancy that will bring your team down! Another important thing to remember is that different sites have different rules. If you post something that may be offensive to someone, you might be asked to remove it so that everyone is more comfortable. You have to use your noggin when it comes to posting things on line AND who you are talking to online! 

Technology can be used for so many good things if used correctly! There is so much that you can learn online, it is unbelievable! You can even use technology to learn how to use technology! Any time I am unsure how to use a new deceive I google it and there are step-by-step instructions! 

I feel like there still is this large question, what is digital literacy? Is it knowing how to use technology or the internet? Is it being a socially responsible digital citizen? Is it being expressive online? Is it being tech savvy? Could digital literacy be all of these things? There are so many questions that are yet to be answered and I cannot wait to explore the answers to these questions!!


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